Marble Collection

Marble is one of the most elegant natural stone in the entire world, and the most popular stones for bathrooms, and other low traffic areas like fireplaces surrounds, and surfaces.  Each variety of stone has its unique color, pattern, and texture.  Marble compared to granite is more delicate, porous, and tends to stain or scratch if not treated with care.

Care & Maintenance
  • Wiping spills immediately will help avoid most potential staining
  • Do not use lemon juice, vinegar, or other cleaning acid, including bleach or ammonia

  • Place mats under china, ceramics, silver, or other objects that can scratch the surface
  • Heavy objects dropped in the countertops might crack or chip the marble
  • We recommend periodically resealing marble according to the sealer’s instructions
  • Use cutting boards to avoid scratches
  • Clean your countertops with mild soap, and warm water
  • With proper care marble beauty will last for generations